Westside Farmer's Market Kale Salad

Here is the recipe for my Kale Caesar salad. There are no true measurements; I make it to taste. Make it at home, immerse yourself in the experience and make it your own!

Farmer's Market Kale: wash, de-stem, dry, slice as thinly as possible

Garnish: shaved semi-firm goat cheese, parmesan cheese, toasted pine nuts

Caesar Dressing:

Lemon- one whole, juiced

Garlic- one small clove chopped

Italian seasoning- small pinch

Parmesan- small pinch

Worcestershire sauce- few dashes

Sherry Vinegar- 1/4 cup

Dukes Mayo- 1 tablespoon 

Dijon Mustard- 2 tablespoons

Neutral Salad Oil- enough to reach desired consistency (eg. vegetable oil, grape seed oil)

Hot Sauce- few dashes 

Salt and Pepper- to taste



People always ask me...

People always ask me where I like to eat? Whats your favorite restaurant? Well I'm here to help answer these questions! Atlanta is becoming a food mecca, if it isn't already. While it may not be NYC or L.A. It has its fair share of hidden gems and standouts. For me one of the best restaurants in Atlanta all-around is Bacchanalia. They offer a wonderful tasting menu focusing on seasonal and local options. I love anything that chef Ford Fry has done... Although it seems he's opening way more than one can imagine but all are very delicious. I highly enjoy Antico Pizza. Best pizza I have ever had with the exception of pizza from Naples, Italy. Best sushi: Umi in Buckhead. Its very pricey but has the highest quality fish in the city and offers some rare options that are pretty magical, even the dessert is top notch. But I have also had amazing sushi at Tomo, Taka, Hoki, and Shoya Izakaya. I love Kimball House, amazing oyster program and they offer some beyond good menu options with perfectly cooked veggies. Holeman and Finch is a big favorite of mine. Amazing burger which is now on the menu, they also have a flawless pasta carbonara, along with other great bites and offal offerings. BoccaLupo, Cakes and Ale, Iberian Pig, Sobban, Heirloom BBQ to name a few more. Ecco will always have my heart. They make the best cocktail called the Prole, is a spin-off of a negroni and manhattan, its damn good! They have great charcuterie, flatbread pizzas, and amazing pasta. For hidden gems just drive down Buford highway and take your pick. I have yet to go wrong. Pho dai lo, El del ray taco, Los Rayos, Canton House, Nam Phuong, Lee's Bakery, I could go on forever. Theres obviously many more places, but this is a good start. You can also get a kick butt meal with me... Dine with Jason!

Tis' the season...

Hello Everyone, Happy Holidays to all. I would like to start off giving thanks to everyone who has given me business opportunities over the past two months! Its been a great start and things are heading in a positive direction. That being said the Holidays are right around the corner. Im sure there are a lot of you out there in need of last minute gifts or ideas. Well what better gift to give then the gift of "Dine with Jason"! Give your friends, family and loved ones a monthly membership or just one dinner, there are endless possibilities. And if you book before Christmas I will give you a 25% off discount on your purchase!!! I wish everyone a wonderful Holiday Season and a wonderful New Year! Stay tuned for my next blog about where i like to eat! 

And so it begins...

Ladies and gentleman this is the first official blog post of my life. This is the start of my personal chef business.  It's been an interesting journey building the web page and getting the business off the ground.  Fingers crossed that I'm able to make this a success. Thanks to all who have helped me along the way, it couldn't have happened without your guidance. In the future you can visit the blog and check for updates on how things are going and I hope to share with you recipes, tips, where I like to eat,  and what's cooking! So enjoy the site, check out the other social media sites, and let's schedule your next event!